Project Partners

Intej: Peru Coordinators:

Are a private nonprofit association, comprised by a group of people dedicated to offering students, teachers and youth of any nationality all of our support and orientation so that they can constantly develop, using as means the programs and products that we work with, which provide a World of Opportunities. Our staff is comprised by young professionals committed to our mission.

Intej are a perfect project partner for Future Voices Internationals work in Peru. Their connections with universities, youth organisations and NGOs provide an ideal platform to create the biggest impact and lasting value to the project. My previous experience with Intej has been far above satisfactory; their mobility and access to local communities and charities make them an easy partner to work with allowing us to get as much done in the time we have.

Casa Juvinal Pachacutec:

We are located in Nuevo Pachacutec Pilot-window-Callao (Peru)

We are a group of children and young people who seek to improve our quality of life and our community, enhancing our artistic and social skills, for this we use the arts, since we consider as the best tool to stay out of trouble that affect our community (gangs, drugs, violence, dropouts, etc), and also prevent this.

Conduct workshops in theater, dance, music, capoeira, leadership, acrobatics, football, stilts and juggling.

We are also forming casts in these workshops so that our youth can be useful to comundiad and still be economic support within their families and also to pay for the studies decide to follow later.

Tierra de Niños (Peru)

Are a well established Peruvian organisation for development that will assist in the implementation of the project providing classrooms and computers. The organisation works with young people living in Pachacutec and will help select the participants of the project. The organisation also will also provide the venue for the final screenings of the projects to the wider community.

Hi – Hans Internet:

A vital partner of the project providing both the technical support and assistant lessons to the participants. Hans Internet is offering sustainable access to internet for the project participants and wider community.