Media Video Gallery

Welcome to the pioneering Future Voices International Youth Media Video Gallery.

Here you will find original short films and documentaries, created by the participants of the Future Voices Intl summer youth communication media schools. The majority of the content is currently only in Spanish due to the pilot projects being rolled out throughout Latin America. However many of the films are not narrative based and can easily be understood. We currently do have a team working on creating English translations for the short films and documentaries, so please keep checking back regularly for updates.

Section One: Peruvian Project – Creative Short Films Expressing Social Issues

This project lasted 6 weeks in the Peruvian Shantytown Pachacutec, 2hrs north of Peru’s capital Lima. We were working with young people who have been effect my displacement and migration, the participants were aged between 10 and 17 years old. The participants learnt comprehensive communication media skills, from creative writing, online journalism to film production. Above is a short video introducing the participants, below is a few of the short films create on this project.

Mi Juevented y Yo – [English Title: My Youth And I]


Is a creative short film about the life of Sandra one of the writers of film. Her family relies of the income she provides as she doesn’t attend school, instead having to help her mother as a market trader. She works 14 hours per day and has little opportunities life. This film is her way of expressing the life she currently lives.

A short film by Sandra and Nancy

Shot with a Canon 5D in Lima, Peru 2011, Production Future Voices International.

Grasias – [English Title: Thank You]


Is a creative fictional short film about the kindness of others. Unless you live in poverty the message in this film can be quite obscure, however when screen in the community it was created in, the message was very obvious. Family only has enough money to purchase one piece of bread for the entire family, however the store keeper showed kindness and secretly gave them more.

A short film by Pierina (age 10), Frank (age 17) and Jean (age 15).

Shot in Lima, Peru 2011, Production Jean Pear Sullón Alva.

Amor A Primera Vista – [English Title: Love at First Sight]


This creative short film aims to show the how the inaccessible health system that leads to youth mortality.  Young people living in poverty in Peru often go untreated & diagnosed for illnesses such as TB and this is a story that is unfortunately common here, and it’s why David, Shirley and Rubi wanted to create this film expressing this issue in a method other young people would understand.

A short film by Shirley Melissa (age 15), David Piscoya Caldas (age 16) and Rubi (age 14).

Shot in Lima, Peru 2011, Production Future Voices International.

El Pandillaje Y La Drogadicción – [English Title: Gangs And Drug Addiction]

Is a short documentary film about the lives of young people living in deprived suburbs in Lima. The pressure on youth to join gang culture and the problems many young people face with drug addiction. This documentary film was entirely shot and edited by our student Gomer Pri.

A short documentary film by Gomer Pri (Age 16)

Shot in Pachacutec, Ventanilla, Lima, Peru 2011, Production Gomer Pri.


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