Nepal Project: This Is Our Story – Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC)

This is our story: Laxmi, Biraj & Manju.

This short film was created in Kathmandu, Nepal. As part of the Future Voices International Media Litracy programme. This film was made by the young participants of ECDC, they used the medium of film to share their concepts, ideas and thoughts through with both the local and now the international community.

ECDC is dedicated to helping the children of imprisoned parents in Nepal, many of whom were living inside the jails alongside their mothers. This is no place for children and we are commited to giving them the shelter and education needed to break the cycle of crime and poverty. ECDC’s Butterfly home provides these children a safe and nurturing environment where they can spread their wings to discover a brighter future.

A short film by the Children of Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC)
Created as part of the Future Voices International Programme Nepal.
Kathmandu, Nepal
Production & Direction: Sadiq Miah.


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