Future Voices International Arrives in Bogota, Colombia!

We have been given the opportunity to work in the Rincon Del Valle, Colombia in partnership with Hope Worldwide Colombia & Armario de Suenos. This experience is a invaluable opportunity for young Colombians to get their voices and social issues seen and heard by a global audience.

(The above image was taken on the famous landmark in the community the rock of love)

We have a series of set workshops we are running with the participants of the local youth centre in the Rincon Del Valle. The programme will last 2 weeks and finish with a public screening of the participants work to the local community.

Having just arrived in the country we have been very busy and have already started implementing the workshops with the young participants. The Future Voices International programme has been adapted to suit the participants we are working with. The project differs from the previous project in Peru as we are working with a younger age range here in Colombia.

By the end of the programme here in Bogota we are hoping to create 4 short documentary films, each written and filmed by the young participants themselves.

Keep checking back regularly for updates on the Colombian Project.

more images of the first day can be seen here.


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